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When you own a conventional physical office, the best thing to do is to ensure that it is presentable, right? You want the first impression that clients get to be quite appealing so that when they think of a place to refer a friend, your place pops up first in their minds. Having a website is more of having a virtual office and many mistaken it with the way physical offices run. You probably look at your well-pampered website and appreciate the designer for the artistic display. You don’t think twice when it comes to showing it to your friends. However, with time you realize that your website isn’t generating any revenues for your business. When you decide to check notes with a friend who runs a similar business and his website is the simplest, you realize that he is generating good revenue from the traffic coming to his website. Having a website is good, but there are things to take into consideration to generate traffic on your website. This article describes some of the things that might be keeping people away from visiting your website.

1. Popups

Have you ever visited a website that different information keeps popping up? How do you always feel? Of course, you want people to subscribe to your email. However, those visiting your site have other things on their table and will not have the patience of clicking the exit of a popup over and over. If your website has this as a strategy for email subscription, think twice. The worst is those excessive popup ads that keep popping consequentially one after another. Some, when accidentally clicked redirect the visitors to other sites making it hard for them to come back.

Well, having a single opt-in popup won’t hurt your website. All you need to do is be wise so that you do not drive your website visitors crazy.

2. Poor navigation

Have you ever looked on Google Map for direction to a hotel that you have heard a lot of good things about only to find yourself face to face with a massive river and footbridge when on the map it was showing a large bridge that vehicles could pass on? Making things worse is that no one knows the name of the hotel you want to check-in. How does that feel? Ouch, that is how people feel when they get to your homepage and cannot navigate to see what they want. Navigation is very important on your website, it lets the visitors know which page to visit or an action to take on your website. Check if your website navigation is simple and easy for visitors. Usability is key in this.

3. Responsive Website

The majority of internet users today access various applications and websites using their phones or tablets. According to recent research by Statista, almost every third person in the world has a smartphone, which is 3.5 billion people worldwide use a smartphone. Yes, 3.5 billion people own smartphones, which means they have access to the internet and there is a chance that they are interested in learning a new skill or purchasing an item.

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When it comes to responsiveness, it means that your website can be viewed by users of different devices. If your website is not responsive, it means the visitors are met with jumbled data or unresponsive images. Trust me; no one has time for this as they are using data that they have to pay for at the end of the day. Google penalizes websites that are not friendly, harming even more the chances of your website being visible on the search engine.

4. Poor Loading Speed

The scale of patience in the world is pretty low. You doubt me, look at the drivers during heavy traffic and see the frustration on their faces. Who has time for a website that keeps loading and loading, buffering and buffering, showing errors and the list is endless. The attention span of the internet user is getting shorter with a wide range of websites to choose from and a lot of information a click away. Imagine you want to buy shoes from an online store, you visit their products page and it loads for almost 2 minutes. You click on the product to view information and it takes a century to open. What will you do? Am pretty sure you will press the back button and go to a different site that sells same products. Speed affects the ranking of your website as well.

5. Auto play content

Have you ever opened a website and there is a voice coming yet you can’t find a place to turn it off? 

I remember 3 years ago, I would visit some sites to check on what they have, then that sound will be playing and I will be wondering where is the noise coming from. This can be frustrating and am positive that the chances of clicking the back button are very high. Do not take the users’ experience from them with those auto-play ads.

6. Outdated information

When was the last time you checked on the content on your website? Each passing second, minute, and hour, new inventions are hitting the market. Your content becomes obsolete as the market keeps evolving, having new technology infiltrating the web. It is important that you have up to date information on your website.

You can benefit much by running a blog on your website. Blog posts could have information about the latest products in-store, the changes in an organization, and the events on an organization among many other information that one could post.

7. Search Engine Optimization

It is important to ensure that your site is easily found by those searching for information, content, products, or services. Internet users search for items on the internet using keywords. Search engines use algorithms to rank websites.

We can run a quick free analysis on your website to know what you need to improve on. Feel free to message us today.

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