6 Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing

Outsourcing business
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If you want to maximize on your output and increase your turnover and profit, then there are two ways to go about it. One is to take on more work and put yourself or your business under an increased amount of strain. 

The other is to outsource aspects of your business model and thereby start generating more profit and completing more work without causing yourself a nervous breakdown. Which one would you prefer?

While outsourcing is a great move, it can also result in problems if you aren’t careful. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you start creating most profitable digital products and promoting them.

1. Miscommunication

If you’re outsourcing to a VAS or another service provider and communicating only by email, this can easily create miscommunication resulting in you getting low quality work.  Communication is vital in our daily lives and engagements.

This also becomes especially likely if the person or company you are using doesn’t speak English as a first language. Make sure to double-check understanding before sending payment!

2. Not Checking

While 99% of the internet population might be conscientious and moral, there will always be those trying to scam you out of money. That’s why you should always check that the work you’ve received is original and high quality.

3. Not Continuing to Check

Sometimes a service you use will offer incredibly high-quality work for the first week but then slowly deteriorate. This may be because they are outsourcing as well to take on more clients. 

Either way, you need to make sure that the high quality you are receiving at the start of your business relationship stays high quality. 

4. Not Doing it Enough!

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs and start-up owners will often make is not outsourcing enough. Many business owners are ‘control freaks’ by nature and believe they need to handle everything personally for it to be good. 

This means they end up thinly spread and burned out when actually outsourcing would likely result in a more professional job that ultimately provides excellent ROI.

Outsourcing Jobs

5. Letting the Good Ones Go

Another big mistake is to let right outsourcers go whether this is because you don’t pay them on time or because you try to see if you can find a cheaper service elsewhere. You have definitely hard that cheap is expensive, and indeed it is.

The point is that a good working relationship is something that you should value highly, and that isn’t easy to come by. If you find a great worker, enjoy doing business with, do everything you can to maintain that relationship!

6. Do Not Micromanage

Micromanaging is the act of observing every single work process and insisting your agent bring out the results you deserve. This makes your agent feel insecure, and they get disturbed in their workflow schedules and eventually produce less quality output.

This type of activity leads the workers to drop deals with clients who want to observe every detail of the project. The outsourced member should feel comfort in executing the tasks. It will not only make the workflow to be smooth but also builds a good relationship between you and the people working on your project. When the workers feel that you trust them, they will do their best to ensure that you receive something worthwhile.

What are your thoughts on outsourcing?

Author: Shamiya Khan

Company: Get Geek Products

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